It's time to be your own boss, level up in life and business.! 

You'll Learn How To...


A unique topic that sells!... even if you don't know what to teach or think you're "not expert enough"—You'll be confident after this class!


Learn how to create your course content in just 1 day AND price it at $500 or higher, even if you're just getting started online!


The must-have content to attract your MVPs (Most Valuable PAYERS) and get customers—How James made $17,000 in 30 days using this method when he had no brand, no website, no following & no course content!


How to find your most valuable PAYERS on social media—how I earned over $25,000 in 1 month from Instagram!

Boss Effect Club

Your one-stop shop for tips, tools, and resources. The sweet spot for digital online success & business start-up. We have you covered when you are looking for your next step in life and business. Where emerging entrepreneurs come to level up in life and business.

Here's What You Will Learn:
Show Up and Show Out with Our #1 Secret to Overcoming Fears, Doubts and Excuses So You Embody More of a Powerful Presence Like a B.O.S.S!
Out of the Box Ways to Increase Visibility, Engage and Connect With YOUR Audience in a Way that Sparks Conversation Long After You Have Left the Building!
Tips and Tricks To Leverage Your Knowledge, Skills, and Expertise For Online Success That Turns Into a Movement That Transforms Lives and Gets You Paid!

Whether you are just starting or have been in business for several years, this is an opportunity to tap into information, strategies, techniques, and offers from five, six, and seven-figure business owners who started where you are. You walk away with the necessary tools that all add practical value and insight to your life and business. The Boss Effect Club is bridging the gap through stories and experiences that shifts perspectives, transform lives & change our world—one bold, outspoken soulful success story at a time. In addition, these skills are entirely transferable to other areas of your life for even greater success. We practice the "Whole Human Concept."

How you benefit from joining the club:

  • ​Exclusive Monthly LIVE Coaching plus Q&A session to guide you as you leap into a successful career.
  • ​Have A Chance To Be Spotlighted On Our The Boss Effect Social Pages and Member Spotlight Areas.
  • ​Join a community of bold storytellers that are genuinely entertaining, uplifting, and educational.
  • ​Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission.
  • ​Step into your originality and unlock the power of your creative imagination while transforming your life.
  • ​Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective in the private club.
  • ​Own the freedom to share your life adventures in an energetic and authentic way, BIG energy welcomed!
  • ​ Be the first to hear about our special offers, tours dates and special announcements.
  • ​Get exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.
Shawn7 and Queen Kimmie
Founders of 
Scatterbrain Kingdom Enterprises, 
Boss Effect Experience and YOUR HOSTs!
Motivational Mentorship & Messages from Queen Kimmie. She is a motivational speaker, certified life coach & digital marketer, universal spiritualist, and marketing director with over 20 years of experience training and leading. After retiring from the Army and obtaining her degree in Business from Strayer University, this Veteran is on a mission to share her journey of engaging storytelling and how you can do the same. Queen Kimmie aspires to support, guide, teach, mentor, and motivate. 

Motivational Music & Short Form Video with Shawn7, aka Geda Lion, a digital cinematographer, podcast host & hip hop artist with over 20 years of experience rocking the mic and taking stages worldwide. After completing his degree from Full Sail University in Digital Cinematographer, this Army Veteran is on a mission to share his journey and music in a more significant way. He plans to accomplish this by unleashing the "ESSENCE" of being a boss, using the art of hip-hop storytelling to encourage others to stay genuine and authentic. Most importantly, Shawn7, aka Geda Lion, hopes he inspires others to never give up on their dreams.  

This Club is a Motivational Movement: This powerhouse couple has over 40 years combined total experience at "bridging the gap" through stories and experiences that shifts perspectives, transform lives & change our world—one bold, outspoken soulful success story at a time. Now they have come together to share their knowledge, tips, tools, and resources.  
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